Charger Sequential Turn Signals    Charger Sequential Turn Signals
  Charger Sequential Turn Signals

 Includes two Pre-Wired harnesses
 for Simple Plug-N-Play Installation

 Smart-Sequence Technology

 Self-adjusting electronics ensures
 perfect Sequencing Action!


The STS-2DC and STS-2DC9 Sequential Turn Signal kits will convert the taillights on your 2006-2010 Dodge Charger into Sequential Turn Signals.  These kits contains two pre-wired, plug-in harnesses that install easily.  There is no wire cutting or splicing of any kind!

With Smart-Sequence technology, your tail lights sequence ONLY when a signal is on.  When you hit the brakes, all lamps come on together.  (click here for more info)

And, these harnesses feature sophisticated electronics that automatically adjust the sequencing speed to match the turn signal flasher in your car.  While other products offer you fixed timing or complicated manual adjustments, our electronics sense your car's flasher speed and adjust the sequence timing for you.

           For 2009-2010 Chargers:
  STS-2DC9 Sequential Harnesses,   $109   $99  

            For 2006-2008 Chargers:
STS-2DC   Sequential Harnesses,   $99   $89  


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