Installing the STS-4CH 2011-2014 Dodge Challenger
Sequential Turn Signal System

 2008-2014 Challenger
 2008-2014 Challenger
 2008-2014 Challenger

Some 2011-2014 Challengers have a trunk release button under the spoiler.  If your car has this, you will need to cut/splice two wires from your OEM harness to the new tail light harness.  Follow the instructions for the 08-10 Challenger, and take these additional steps:

16)  Remove the connector from the panel using a large screwdriver.  Press lightly as shown and twist.  The connector will slide off leaving the retainer in the fixture.

 Slide Connector Off

16A)  Refer to the pictures below.  On the OEM harness, cut the BLACK/GREEN wire coming from the trunk switch.

16B)  On the OEM harness, cut the TAN/GREEN wire coming from the trunk switch (cut close to the connector).

 Tail light harness connector

16C)  Find the new Tail Light Harness (Part A).  Using the supplied quick-splice, connect the supplied BLUE wire to the BLACK wire on the new harness.  Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the metal tab on the quick-splice until it is flush with the connector body.  Then fold the cover over.

 Blue wire splice

16D  There is a RED wire coming out of this connector.  The end of this wire is taped to the harness.  Pull the wire out of the tape so it is free.

 Red wire

16E)  Strip the ends of all 4 wires about 3/8".  Using the wire nuts provided, connect the TAN/GREEN trunk release switch wire to the RED pigtail.  Connect the BLACK/GREEN switch wire to the BLUE pigtail.

Once you have completed these steps, go back to the 2008-2010 instructions and continue at Step 17.


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