DRL Installation Notes for the Gen 3 Prius
The DRL-2P Daytime Running Lights module can be installed into a Gen 3 Prius.  Read the instructions for the DRL-1 Universal Daytime Running Lights kit because it includes a generic wiring diagram for the DRL module.  It should be easy to identify the left turn, right turn, ground and marker light wires.  Connect those to the DRL-2P module according to the generic wiring diagram.

The YELLOW module wire must be connected to a power wire that goes to +12V when the car is in RUN mode.  Use the pictures below to identify the BLACK wire that comes out of the electrical control unit that's located under the hood.


1)  Open the hood and find the ECU which is located near the LF shock tower.


2)  Using a quick-splice, connect the YELLOW module wire to the BLACK power wire as shown.




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