Brake Light Pulser   Easy Installation

 No Adjustments Required

 Works On All 12-Volt Vehicles

 "Delay-Repeat" Circuitry


Worried about the tailgater behind you who's talking on the phone?  Do you drive a sports car that's low to the ground?

Enhance your safety by adding Brake Light Pulsing to the third brake light of any car, truck, minivan or SUV (notice how you can see it flashing, even while reading text down here!).  The BLP-1 pulser module connects to your center high mount brake light (third brake light) and automatically pulses it when you apply your brakes.  The light will pulsate on and off for about a second, then stay on steady for as long as you press the brake pedal.  The unit is designed to create a gentle fluttering of light, so your car is more noticeable, yet it doesn't aggravate the driver behind you.

The "Delay-Repeat" circuit means the brake lights have to be off for at least 15 seconds before the cycle can be restarted.  So, if you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the brake light isn't always pulsing.

  BLP-1 Brake Light Pulser,  $35 ..........  


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